Our Solutions

MasterLink is a powerful solution designed especially for operations requiring management of cross‑project dependancies. It achieves that by offering the program and project managers advanced, yet user‑friendly techniques for planning, controlling and analyzing cross-project influences. MasterLink is a natural enhancement to the multi-project capabilities of Microsoft Project.
Project Bulk Editor (PBE) allows updating multiple project fields in a single user friendly location! No longer do Project Managers or Project Administrators need to open each project file separately or update project metadata. With PBE the user can easily filter down projects or tasks, customize their view and simultaneously update any data in numerous projects.
HealthCheck validates that project plans are fully aligned with the organizational planning standards and policies. Health Check provide the project manager an important understanding of the gaps between the plans and the expected methodology, and thus help resolve conflicts quickly and eficiently.

Critical Chain

Insightful Look into the Project's Critical Path

The CriticalChain is an add-on that help identify the project's critical path based on both time and resource related constrains. It is a powerful tool to identify the critical path nd future critical paths, and compare it with resource constrains.     
Complementry Add-On applications for Microsoft PPM users, developed by leading companies. These Add-On solutions offer advanced functionalities in resource management, integration with other systems, reporting and What-If analysis.
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